Ink Jungle launches Canon PG560 & CL561 Refilled Ink Cartridges

Ink Jungle launches Canon PG560 & CL561 Refilled Ink Cartridges

Published by Daniel Moore on 9th Dec 2022

Ink Jungle has just launched Canon PG560 and CL561 refilled ink cartridges available to buy from their store. The refilled Canon PG560 black and CL561 colour ink cartridges are great for printing on a budget and good for the environment too. Refilled in the UK by their very own factory they are in full control of the quality unlike those who buy from China with variable success. Ink Jungle has been refilling since 2012 and each cartridge goes through a specific cleaning, refilling and testing process to ensure the cartridge reaches you with minimal failure rates. Each cartridge comes with a 1 year warranty and will not affect your printer warranty.

What’s the difference between Canon PG560/CL561 and PG560XL/CL561XL ink?

Canon have two sizes of ink cartridges in the Canon PG560 CL561 range. Canon PG560 black and CL561 colour standard capacity ink cartridges and Canon PG560XL black and CL561XL colour high capacity ink cartridges. The PG560XL / CL561XL ink cartridges have larger sponges so they can hold more ink and print more pages. Ink Jungle Refilled PG560XL and CL561XL ink cartridges effectively produce up to twice as many prints than the standard capacity cartridges at a reduced price per page.

  • Canon PG560 Black - 7.5ml
  • Canon CL561 Colour - 8.3ml
  • Canon PG560XL Black - 14.3ml
  • Canon CL561XL Colour - 12.2ml

Unfortunately, if you are buying PG560XL and CL561XL remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges many sellers on eBay and Amazon are dishonest and are using standard capacity ink cartridges and putting an XL sticker over the top in the hope customers won't notice. However at Ink Jungle we only sell authentic PG560XL and CL561XL refilled ink cartridges which always use XL cartridges with the larger sponges.

Which printers use Canon PG560 and CL561 ink cartridges?

Canon PIXMA TS5350 / TS5351 / TS5352 / TS5353 / TS7450 / TS7451 / TS5351a / TS7450a / TS5350a / TS5352a / TS7451a / TS5350i / TS5351i / TS7450i / TS7451i Printers