What is the best Small and Medium Business Laser Printer to use?

What is the best Small and Medium Business Laser Printer to use?

Published by Daniel Moore on 19th Apr 2024

What is the best printer for small and medium business?

We get asked this a lot and it can often change with the introduction of new printers to the market. Running costs are of the highest priority.  Some laser printers can cost a business thousands of pounds a month in toner replacement.  At Ink Jungle we process tens of thousands of orders a month so we know a thing or two about keeping printing costs low.

We have tried a number of printers over the years including enterprise level high volume printers but have sadly been disappointed with their performance.  Manufacturers keep increasing their toner prices over time too so even if the printer is running fine, your costs will increase if you continue to use genuine toner from the manufacturers.

At Ink Jungle to have the ideal solution.  We have opted for the HL-L8260CDW Wireless Colour Laser Printer which uses the TN421 and high yield TN423 black and colour toners.  The printer is easy to install, is wireless and can produce 2 sided printing.  It holds up to 300 pages in its paper tray and can print up to 6500 pages from its TN423 Black toner.  Its not slow either printing up to 31 pages a minute in colour.

How much are the TN423 toners?

Well for genuine Brother toner you're looking at over £450 inc VAT and thats being generous with no margin made by the reseller.  However opt for the Ink Jungle competible TN423 multipack of 4 for just £49.95 and your business will save a small fortune in printing costs - Over £400 a time! Click here to view our amazon range of Brother TN423 Compatible Toner.

Should I buy TN423 instead of TN421 Toner?

Thats all depends on your business usage.  In our opinion its always cheaper and better value to opt for the TN423 toners as it will reduce your cost per page and reduce the amount of times you have to replace the toner.