Duracell Alkaline AAAA Batteries, 2 Pack

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Duracell Ultra AAAA MX2500 Batteries are one of the highest performing LR61 batteries available. Duracell designed this battery to power the most demanding of devices such as laser pointers, calculators, graphic tablets, and home medical devices. The battery also includes a tester that allows users to conveniently check for power at any stage.

Boasting an extended life over regular alkaline batteries, Duracell Ultra batteries benefit from an optimised internal volume to ensure maximum efficiency, and its reactive surface area is also increased in size. A great and reliable choice for replacing an LR61 battery.

Replaces: AAAA, LR61, MN2500, LR8D425, MX2500, E96, N539-ND, E96BP-2